Wednesday, April 1, 2015

HTC introduced the world's first "smart" socks

Smartphones have already played its now time other "smart" devices. HTC is developing its direction wearable electronics world's first smart socks RE SOK.

Worn on the foot piece of clothing is equipped with a small screen that displays notifications from the paired device, and it's incredibly easy: just look at his own ankle to understand current events.
HTC has given RE SOK module GPS, which helps to find socks, because they have lost the traditional habit. There is a set of sensors to find holes inevitably formed in such a delicate little thing. You are notified of the need to replace the socks as soon as such begin to form.
Special coating fabric RE SOK allows socks with extraordinary ease slide on the wooden floor. Promised full compatibility with any shoes except sandals, in which "smart" socks are simply self-destruct.
Smart socks presented different colors. Wash RE SOK, unfortunately, can not.