Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Stolen iPhone made famous in China for its owner [video]

Journalist Matt Stopera, who at the beginning of last year, stole the iPhone, has become a celebrity in China, where he found his phone. On the history iPhoneBul journalist wrote in February . April 1 Stopera published a detailed material about everything that happened. Since stolen iPhone to travel to China to its new owner.

Stopper lost smartphone back in February 2014: An unidentified stolen iPhone from his pocket. He mentally said goodbye to the stolen property. However, almost a year later the missing iPhone reminded himself. In the cloud service iCloud began to appear mysterious pictures. "At first I thought that I got hacked!" - Says the Stopera.
It turned out that the iPhone has traveled thousands of kilometers in length and has appeared in China. Phone became a regular host to send photos of the new owner, including pictures of "orange" tree. The American was not sure that it was he who stole his smartphone.
The journalist began to follow the updates of their Photo report, where every day found new photos. Each stopper told him that the old iPhone could be in China, where the majority gets stolen smartphones. Then Stoker went to the Apple Store and locked iPhone.
After that, the journalist published a blog post «Who Is This Man And Why Are His Pictures Showing Up On My Phone?» («Who is this man and why his photos appear in my phone?") And suddenly became famous. He started writing users from China, who translated his article and promised to help find the owner of iPhone. After a few hours of "orange brother" was found.
Stopera itself has become a major topic of discussion in the Chinese microblogging service Weibo. The journalist has got an account there, and one day it was signed by 50,000 people.Journalist and "brother" began to correspond on a daily basis and at some point agreed to meet - so Matt Stopera came to China.
"Orange brother" living in southern China, to get to this city, you can drive from Shantou, where and flew Stopera. There he was in for a surprise: the journalist met reporters and his new friend, who gave him the iPhone. Matt Stopera held in China for nine days, during which time he had visited the restaurant of his "orange brother" to meet his family with him to plant an orange tree and give a lot of interviews, take a mud bath, go for a tea plantation and much more .
At the same time the reporter learned that, in a time when it is found in your iPhone photos Chinese, on the other side of the Earth opposite occurs: "Orange brother" seen in his pictures, which made Stopera (and delete). Moreover, there were even a stolen phone pictures of the thief - he has not removed before selling them or pictures of the former owner.
They became friends, and could not leave - "Orange brother" even bought a ticket and went to Beijing to accompany Stopera. Now Matt is waiting for his friend in New York.