Saturday, April 4, 2015

iKlips: the world's fastest USB flash drive for the iPhone and iPad [Video]

On crowdfunding service Indiegogo successfully funded project "world's fastest" Lightning flash interfaces and USB. The gadget is called iKlips.

The built-in connector allows you to directly connect Lightning iKlips to mobile devices Apple. Ensure compatibility with the iPhone 5 and above, the iPad is not lower than the fourth generation, iPad mini, iPad mini with a display Retina, and player iPod touch 5G. To work with the flash drive, a concomitant need to install the application.
iKlips also equipped with a port USB 3.0, through which the device can be connected to personal computers running operating systems OS X and Windows. Thus, the new product allows you to transfer files between laptops, desktops and Apple mobile devices directly, without using additional connection cables and adapters.
Based on the MLC flash memory device connected via the Lightning, is capable of providing data rates up to 14 Mbit / s and read up to 8 Mbit / s for writing. USB 3.0 connector for relevant following figures - 20 Mbit / s for writing and 140 Mbit / s for reading data.
IKlips capacity can be 16, 32, 64 and 128 GB. Body size, made of aluminum, are 22,2 x 66,5 x 8,7 mm; device weighs about '18
Developers iKlips planned to assemble using Indiegogo-program $ 50 000. Already attracted almost twice as much. Kraudfandingovaya campaign will last 18 days: at this stage, you can purchase a keychain for as low as $ 49 to $ 169 depending on the capacity.