Saturday, April 4, 2015

Apple ranked 8th in the number of patents on mobile technologies in 2014

Research agency Chetan Sharma Consulting presented the rating company registered in 2014 the highest number of patents for mobile technology in the United States. In the list of the iPhone and iPad maker was on the 8th place.

It is believed that the number of patents is an important indicator of technological corporations, and for many firms patented technologies are also the main source of income.
Leadership in the ranking of 2014 holds IBM: the corporation has received the most patents, ahead of this indicator Samsung. A year earlier, the South Korean giant has held the top spot. In third place, followed by Samsung, is Qualcomm, specializing in the production of mobile processors and research in the field of wireless communications. The remaining positions are occupied by Microsoft, Google, Sony and LG. As mentioned above, Apple has settled in eighth place. Completing the top ten BlackBerry and Ericsson.
In 2014 in the US, the number of registered patents for mobile devices increased by 17%. Among the technologies patented by different companies quarter meant just for smartphones, tablets and "smart" watches. For comparison: in 2004, only one in 10 patent was associated with developing for mobile gadgets.
In Europe, things are a bit different here work with mobile technologies are not as active. In particular, last year, only 1 out of 10 patents issued to the relevant development, which is 4% less than in 2013.
It should be noted that the total number of patents filed in 2014, Apple 11 takes place . For a specified period of computer electronics giant has issued "only" 2,003 applications. Just last year, the Office of patents and trademarks registered 300,678 US patents.