Thursday, April 16, 2015

InfiniteUSB solve the problem of shortage of slots in the new MacBook

On the conceptual design of an infinite USB-ports wrote back in 2010, but then the idea aroused a lot of skepticism and seemed unprepared for implementation. Now, however, the US startup came out with a similar solution to the website Kickstarter. Its development can be a real salvation for users of the new MacBook, equipped with a USB-port C.

MacBook 2015 release was a two-way USB-connector that allows you to insert the plug any party. A special adapter it is possible to connect "traditional» USB-connector, VGA, and HDMI cables, but the user will have to choose only one of this device, as USB-port on the laptop was the only.
InfiniteUSB involves the use of a set of loops that can be connected to each other to the same port USB-C as a garland. Multi-colored marking makes it easier to identify the cable and disconnect it from the chain. USB-C, theoretically can be operated at higher currents as compared with the conventional USB, which should remove questions malnutrition.
Currently, the project InfiniteUSB already 16 times higher than the required amount of charges ($ 166,000 instead of the required $ 10 000), the supply of new products promised for the end of 2015. Set of six different colored cables cost $ 50.