Thursday, April 16, 2015

British designer showed a concept Apple Watch with a round screen

Apple calls Apple Watch the most personal ever created by devices equipped with a new unique technologies and "best interface with a great design" which "created in compliance with the rich tradition of the best watch manufacturers". However, not all agree with the statement cupertinos, at least with the part that deals with the design.

Many are unhappy with the appearance of Apple Watch and most issues caused by the shape of the gadget. Watches were rectangular. The British designer has created a Hass T circular concept version of the gadget, which, in his opinion, are much more advantageous.
Designer posted on Google+ renderings in which adjustments are made to the original model Apple Watch. The device has a large round display, it has become a little thinner and sleeker version of the original. Just below the screen you will notice the Home button with built-in fingerprint sensor.
Model looks quite stylish, but in reality, the screen of this size could be just uncomfortable to wear. Recall, according to some analysts, Apple Watch the second generation can come out later this year.