Saturday, April 4, 2015

LG has named the main advantage of the upcoming flagship G4 between iPhone 6 Plus

This week, the Korean company LG has announced the launch of mass production of the new 5.5-inch LCD-display with a resolution of Quad HD. The display panel, has a record for the industry brightness, color gamut and color, will be a key competitive advantage over the iPhone 6 Plus and other phablets.

The display will be used as part of the new flagship smartphone LG, whose announcement is scheduled for April 28. The screen has the same arrangement density of pixels per inch, as used in the LG G3, namely 538 ppi. However, the new panel has a 30% greater brightness, while the developers promise to the previous level of energy consumption.
LG has been achieved by a special technology fotovyravnivaniya contrast increase by 50% in comparison with the conventional LCD-panels - such as those used in the iPhone 6. Development uses ultraviolet light to "align liquid crystal display panel, which reduces light leakage and improves contrast". Color gamut LCD screen enlarged to 120%. This will provide richer colors and more accurate color reproduction.
It is noted that the panel was thinner due to the technology Advanced In-Cell Touch, which is integrated into the touch screen display, rather than on top of it is located. In addition, the display will react to touch even when the surface is moist. As a result, Housing smartphone with this display will be thinner, or manufacturers will have more space for the arrangement of the components, while maintaining the thickness of the old device.
LG stressed that the new display will be used in the upcoming flagship device. Probably, it is a smartphone LG G4, an official announcement is expected at the launch on April 28th.