Saturday, April 4, 2015

BoxWave Keyboard Buddy turns iPhone 6 in a side-slider with keyboard

Smartphones attractive primarily for its versatility. Not only what is inferior in features personal computer, except much smaller screen sizes, "umnofon" - a real handyman.
Besides the fact that this is actually a phone, a smartphone is also a great organizer, reader, game console and very little typewriter ... Typewriter in the dimensions of the pocket device - it's indeed very interesting, except that the iPhone and other devices with touch screen completely absent these keys to enter text. Typing, of course, better on physical rather than the onscreen keyboard, and any software not solve this problem. The problem with using handheld machines for writing completely eliminated if to get a special cover keyboard.
Keyboard Buddy - this is a new accessory for the iPhone 6 is powered by BoxWave, which not only protects the device from bumps and bruises, but also contains a sliding block with keys. Thanks to this Casey smartphone appears QWERTY-keyboard for typing, which gadget can interact via Bluetooth.
In this BoxWave Keyboard Buddy will not burden the battery of the mobile device. In the keyboard has a private battery that provides performance enhancement. NEW weighs about 150 grams
Order BoxWave Keyboard Buddy can be the manufacturer's website . Accessory costs $ 79.95.