Friday, April 3, 2015

Microsoft Office Lens for iOS converts image documents in Word, PowerPoint and PDF [video]

Microsoft has released a new application that allows you to crop images and convert them into editable documents in formats Word, PowerPoint and PDF. The resulting documents can be stored in the cloud service OneDrive and easy to share with other users.

Microsoft's commitment to produce their own applications for the iOS platform can only envy.The company has released a new e-mail client, a regularly updated corporate office suite, one of the best buys iPhone-calendar to improve their services for the iPhone and iPad. Now Corporation presented a new handheld scanner for images.
"As if by magic, this app digitizes all the notes from the board. Important documents and business cards are always at hand, recipes and notes will not be lost, and to outline ideas footage, you can return at any time ", - commented on the release by Microsoft. Creation of developers in Redmond noteworthy due to the fact that, firstly, Office Lens is available completely free of charge and requires no subscription to Office 365, and, secondly, offers OCR function, allowing you to convert photos into text documents.
Opportunities Office Lens for iOS:
  • While working with the board Office Lens allows you to crop the image and clear them from the highlights and shadows.
  • While working with a document Office Lens allows you to crop the image and improve their color.
  • Images can be stored in OneNote, OneDrive or any other cloud storage.
  • Pictures can convert documents into Word (.docx), PowerPoint (.pptx) or PDF-files (.pdf) and automatically save them OneDrive.
Office Lens is definitely worth at least a try as a free alternative to popular applications Fine Scanner and Scanner Pro. Download it here .