Friday, April 3, 2015

New Apple patent describes a "sealed" button for iPhone and iPad

As we approach the probable release date iPhone 6s on the web there are more details about the future flagship mobile lineup Apple. According to CultofMac, referring to the patent application of the Californian company, following Apple smartphones may be waterproof.

This week the US Patent and Trademark Office has issued US patent on Apple technology to protect mobile devices from water damage. The document is called "production, installation and sealing of the buttons". Apple plans to use the iPhone's special design of mechanical buttons, which prevents the ingress of moisture. For this purpose it is proposed to use special seals for sealing the housing.
"Sealed buttons for portable electronic devices effectively provide waterproof properties.Embodiments include the use of flanges for the base buttons "- experts explain Apple. The illustrations patent are options of seals.
According to experts, the lack of dust and water is the main disadvantage of mobile devices Apple, despite the fact that few people from the producers decided to endow their gadgets this property. Housing, protected from water, could become one of the "selling features" iPhone 6s. It is not necessary that the smartphone will be to swim underwater and keep shooting. But he could maintain its performance for accidental submersion in water and even after a heavy rain.
Currently, users who need additional protection for the iPhone, are forced to buy expensive covers, spoiling of the device.
In early March, Apple has a patent on the technology, according to which the iPhone can be protected from water damage by applying a special layer PCB thickness from 1 to 10 microns. In Cupertino offered not seal the housing and cover the internal components of the electronic device with a hydrophobic substance.