Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mophie has introduced wireless charging dock for Apple Watch

As has happened many times before - accessory manufacturers have found a new "victim" and seek first to take certain niches. Today, it is a manufacturer of Mophie, a niche - docking station for smart watches Apple Watch.

Elegant Watch Dock Stand is made of metal and is presented in a silver color. The accessory is designed to easily and quickly connect and disconnect the charger magnetic disk for Apple Watch. Dock itself has its own network adapter, but during the process of energy transfer to the battery thanks to the special design of the gadget accessory, the user can continue to interact with smart watches.
Watch Dock feature is support for inductive charging, the battery is worn due to Apple computer can be charged without the use of wires. Recall, the charging time using Apple Watch MegaSafe-bundled cable from 0 to 80% of a half hour, 0 to 100% - 2.5 hours.
Watch Dock will be available in April 2015. The cost is $ 59.99 gadget.