Friday, April 3, 2015

Mr Jump: perfect test on the reaction rate

Recently, on the console PlayStation 4 exclusively left the game Bloodborne - there is, in short, the whole point is to ensure that as long as possible and sophisticated mock the player. The point perk, but for mobile users is not new: with masochism iPhone users are familiar from the time of Flappy Birds. Now, the banner of the game "Shall-them-up-and-white-hot-'passes to the new flagship of this movement - Mr Jump, arcade about the pain, submission and humility.

Pixels. Sketchy, but intelligible picture. Voiced minimal bit on the soundtrack. Externally - the usual indie game that million. However, Mr Jump around even a small but close-knit community - of wanting to know the pound is dashing lined up.
The game, however, is fairly common - like all deliberately primitive but sophisticated mobile projects. Do you have a man, somehow with a square head, which is infinitely upfield. Single lever control is available to you, it is a jump. Clamped screen - man jumped, holding longer - jumped higher. All Things.
Before the little man - test. Harsh and cruel: ravines, stakes, spears. Failed, stumbled - start anew. Mr Jump operates at high speeds, so that the average length of a session lasts about 15 seconds - you rode a couple of sharp protrusions, hesitated, started again. Collected will in a fist, rode projections hesitated - well, you know.
In contrast to the same Flappy Birds, there is some semblance of narrative: the game is divided into different levels. A total of 12 so far, but promise more. For whom promise not clear - to pass the first level it will take more than a dozen lunch breaks. As for any error punished anathema, an opportune fall totals - what percentage of the level you have passed this time. At least some, but the motivation - okay, I poured all again, but stopped at 43% rather than 35%, as usual. Also quite a progress.
In this regard, Mr Jump invariably raises the question - why do we need all this? Those strange people that wound three-digit counter in Flappy Birds - as they generally all right in life? Those strange people that will swoop to take Mr Jump least number of hops (calculated, yes) - they know how to spend time? Riddle of the 21st century - when massive game coming towards universal simplicity, be sure to wake up here are artifacts that heavy stone put their sides for a beating. And always resonate - Mr Jump, again, is very popular in their circles.
Nothing can be done - for each round of mass culture, there is a cast of non-conformist. In this case - primitive but wildly complex and somehow spanning arcade. Not the worst option - especially when you consider that they are free. As Mr Jump - money you require here only for maneuvers from the flank. For those who spend hours trying to open the previous one, such an option, I suppose, would be to their liking. But please note - this is not sports and wrong.