Friday, April 3, 2015

How to solve the problem in Safari on iOS 8.2

IPhone and iPad users are faced with an unusually wide variety of problems after upgrading to iOS 8.2, starting with the rapid discharge of the battery and errors in iMessage, finishing with a wireless connection failures and inoperative browser Safari.

Update iOS 8.2 has left many users dissatisfied. They complain about the work of the iPhone's Twitter, on the official forums Apple. As for the complaints of problems in the corporate browser Apple Safari. Many users are faced with the fact that after the upgrade it has ceased to respond to touch. In some cases, Safari refuses to open a web page.
Reddit users of the site have found a way to solve the problem. It is sufficient to perform the standard procedures for prevention. Thereafter, Safari starts in normal mode.

Clear history and data sites

The first step - removing temporary files Safari. Clear history visits and cookie files from Safari by selecting "Settings»> Safari> «Clear History and site data." To delete all stored data from the browser, select "Settings»> Safari> «Add-ons"> "These sites"> "Delete all data".
Reset network settings
If Safari is still "buggy", follow the procedure to reset the network settings of the section in the main menu Reset iOS. To do this go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings. So you "reset" all network settings, including information on connected devices Bluetooth, passwords, Wi-Fi, as well as VPN settings and APN.
Install the firmware "from scratch"
If the above steps do not help, you need to restore the firmware again. Probably, the problem of incorrect installation OTA-update iOS 8.2. Correct the problem, you can use iTunes.
Step 1: Download iOS 8.2 firmware file at this link .
Step 2: Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer.
Step 3: Start iTunes.
Step 4: On the top of the program select the icon of your gadget. Hold the keyboard Shift (or Alt on OS X), click the "Restore" button.
Step 5: In the iTunes window, select the firmware file for your iOS 8.2 device that you downloaded in step 1.
Wait until the procedure is completed, the installation process will take about 5 to 10 minutes.Now you can use the device with iOS 8.2.