Friday, April 10, 2015

New update Instagram for iOS with two new tools

In applications such as VSCO Cam, there is such a huge audience, like Instagram, but they offer quite powerful tools for editing photos, which historically Instagram was not enough.Recently, however, the latter is working to expand opportunities for image editing, adding new filters and functions. Today in Instagram on iOS became available two new creative tool - "Color" and "attenuation".
Вышло обновление Instagram для iOS с двумя новыми инструментами

Tools "Color" and "attenuation" were announced Instagram a few days ago . The first allows you to add coloring highlights and shadows in the pictures, add color shift. A choice of eight colors - yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, cyan and green.
Tool "Attenuation" softens images, reduce contrast and saturation - over and above that offered by other preset filters.
New tools were introduced in version 6.10 application Instagram for iPhone , which can be downloaded from the App Store. Version 6.19 for the products on the Android platform has appeared a few days ago.