Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Overview Gunpowder: A Fistful of gunpowder

About the Wild West we know about two things: a) there shooting b) unshaven cowboys. Set of stereotypes invincible, but no one tries to break it - if something goes about Wild, Wild West, be sure to liters of whiskey, robberies, explosions and, of course, gloomy sheriffs. Authors Gunpowder are beaten track: their Wild West - a cast of all stereotypes. But with one caveat - looks like a cartoon "Tanzasky devil". Remember, huh?

Your character - a bipedal animal is quite explicit persuasion - imagines himself Robin Hood Texas and began robbing the rich to give to the poor. As the robber acts not by force but by the mind, poraskinut brains and you have to.
Gunpowder - puzzle. On the scorched desert land sparkles safe and a few pigs, piggy banks.Near this good standing barrels - apparently gunpowder. You gunpowder and explode them - you need to reach the track from the fire to the barrels. This, in fact, the whole point.
Of course, not everything is so simple - do not expect to. Gunpowder is not enough: the main character, apparently stole it, so that resources are used efficiently. Often lacking quite a bit - like stretched track, walked all the piggy banks with barrels, and the final safe - even just two pinches. Need to think.
In addition, there are many artificial complications. Powder route is frequently interrupted by rivers - you need to place the barrel on both sides - and sometimes comes in a stack of hay (fire!) And even a cannon. With the latter is particularly interesting: burning core literally spread all to pieces.
As a result, one of the 125 levels (not regret it, yes) is as follows: You Set your barrel mark guns, grab a bunch of dynamite, tracing all the ingenious scheme of powder, a pinch of the fire - began. Powder keg explodes, that engages the gun, the kernel is flying in the dynamite from it lights up the second gun, and finally shoot accurately in the safe. Docking of "Back to the Future" pants with envy. Sometimes it is necessary to crank out such an operation at a time - then the number of replays reaches unprecedented heights.
It's hard to be here, but periodically - on a crazy level, there are three walk-through. That is right: you do not have much Georgia, but do not give to relax. Perfect Balance -all accurately calibrated and thought through.
Money, as we have said, go to fund the poor - you literally have nowhere to spend them. Pig piggy bank, which act as asterisks, allow you to open other units of levels - and nothing more. However, this is true - the game is worth an impressive five dollars, so that all attempts to impose domestic payments here would look just riding arrogance. They are - the authors timidly offer to buy bonus levels for some money. Take it or not - see for yourself.
Gunpowder, definitely worth the money - in any case, starting $ 5. This is an excellent, beautifully painted and make plays on logical thinking. Separate line about physics - drums go to pieces, cacti juicy melt patches of green, beautiful explosions. Time-killer, of course - in spirit, by task. But what.