Tuesday, April 7, 2015

"Glass" Samsung Galaxy S6 edge proved stronger than the iPhone 6 [Video]

After last year's flagship Samsung Galaxy S5 is not gained popularity among users due, the South Korean company decided to create a new generation of smart phones "from scratch". So, Galaxy S6 Edge got curved screen, metal frame and protective glass Gorilla Glass 4. International phone sales have not started yet, but its protection against mechanical impacts have already checked and even compared the strength to iPhone 6. The results of the drop test were recorded on video.

Crash Test smartphones held in three stages. The first - falling from a height of mobile belt.This happens if the machine slips from his hands. This test and the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, and iPhone 6 survived. The second stage - a fall from a height smartphone ear. The screens of both devices remained intact. In the third phase Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and iPhone 6 have been reset to three meters high. From the first, nothing happened, but the iPhone 6 rescued bulging camera. In all these cases, the unit landed on the rear panel.
This was followed by three similar test, but gadgets were to fall on the screen. iPhone 6 crashed immediately, and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge surrendered only at the third stage, when it was taken by a three-meter height. Torment smartphones put an end under the wheels of the car.