Sunday, April 5, 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge bend easily in your pocket than the iPhone 6 Plus [video]

The company SquareTrade, specializing in after-sales service of electronic devices, has tested the flagship smartphones Apple, Samsung and HTC for resistance to deformation.The experts concluded that the rumors about case is easily bendable iPhone 6 Plus does not correspond to reality.

SquareTrade annually conducts research strength of various electronic gadgets. This time, it was decided to compare the iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy S6 edge and HTC One M9 for resistance to deformation in bending. We used the apparatus BendBot, imitating the efforts that occur in your back pocket and showing the user what happens when the phone at a force of up to 160 kg. Measurements were carried out in several stages: first to deformation and to idle state.
iPhone 6 Plus began to bend under load of 50 kg, which is not affected his performance."Catastrophic failure" was overtaken when the pressure exceeds 81 kg. Galaxy S6 edge began to succumb to the natural deformations at the same load. However, unlike the rival smartphone glass is not deformed and cracked at the point of bending. The collapse of now it is 67.5 kg.
HTC One M9 started to show signs of weakness at a little more than 54 kg, however, to overcome the higher pressure did not work, because the place had damage to the power key. According to the rules of the experiment, the gadget at this stage is inoperative.