Sunday, April 19, 2015

Samsung removed its logo from the flagship Galaxy S6 and S6 edge in Japan

Flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6 will be sold in Japan without a logo maker. This was announced by press secretary of the World Young.

South Korean buyers of new smartphones in Japan will not see the names of familiar brand.Samsung logo is missing and Galaxy S6, and modifications with a curved screen Galaxy S6 edge. The company has decided to advance the tube in the region under other names.Samsung instead they will be referred to local operators Docomo and au.
Samsung in Japan trying unsuccessfully to get any reasonable share of the market, which is dominated by Apple. Following the American brand in the country are leading local companies Sony, Sharp and Fujitsu.
According to experts, an important role in the popularity of iPhone among consumers in Japan plays a hostile attitude to the residents of South Korean companies. At the same time American traditions are perceived more favorably. Recent campaigns Apple, like the rest of the brand as a whole, has a very strong presence in Japan. And we are not talking about a rational approach when choosing a smartphone. For the Japanese, most importantly just be the owner of iPhone.
The press service of Samsung declined to comment on the decision to remove the logo on the Galaxy S6 in Japan.