Sunday, April 19, 2015

Apple Watch app will turn into the remote control for TV

Presenting the last year "smart" watch Apple Watch, a manufacturer of paints spoke about the opportunities worn on the wrist of the product. Among them was called function remote control set-top box Apple TV. Third-party developers have gone even further and turn your device into a full remote control for the TV.

According to the application developer SamMote, smart watches Apple Watch is the perfect controller for the TV panel - it is always at hand and never lost. Distributed free program allows you to select and change channels, control the volume of the sound causes a rapid function, turn on and off the TV.
Interface for Apple Watch SamMote divided into multiple screens, each of which buttons are grouped into sets specific to certain situations. Switching between screens by using swipe gestures. SamMote supports all models of televisions Samsung, released in 2011 (with a D-Series Series H).
Recall, according to analysts, for the first weekend Apple Watch ordered worldwide over 2.3 million people. If this data is correct, after the sale of new items Apple will be the largest player in the market "smart" watches. For comparison, for the entire 2014 was bought about 720,000 smart watches on the operating system Android Wear.