Monday, April 6, 2015

Samsung: with normal use Galaxy S6 edge does not bend [video]

Last week, the company's employees SquareTrade demonstrated that the new smartphone Galaxy S6 edge bends is not worse than the iPhone 6 Plus. Moreover, due to the fact that the curved pattern display cracks on it appear much sooner than the rest of the smartphone.In Samsung's quick to say that the test results do not correspond to reality. They staged a new smartphone own crash test.

According to Samsung, the force that acted on a smartphone during the experiment SquareTrade, rarely occurs in normal conditions. For the destruction of Galaxy S6 edge robot BendBots applied force of 50 kg. But according to the manufacturer, when the user sits down on a smartphone in his back pocket acts pressure close to 30 kgs. Such force new Samsung smartphones stand. They do not bend even under pressure of 32 kgf.
Samsung claims that the tests SquareTrade may mislead consumers about the strength of the durability of the devices. All smartphones undergo rigorous inspection before shipment to customers.
SquareTrade warranty provides services for all kinds of electronics, as well as extend its term. This company is well known to consumers of gadgets on the internet auction eBay. Of course, SquareTrade wants to know which of your devices often fail. Samsung asked the specialists to carry out crash test Galaxy S6 edge again and then publicly announce the results.