Thursday, April 16, 2015

Technology Force Touch in iPhone 6s will add a new dimension to applications

One of the features of the new smartphone iPhone 6s will be to support technology Force Touch, according to industry publication Digitimes. Rumors that Apple is going to use in their communicators touch sensitivity displays, go for a long time. Today, sources in the supply chain have confirmed this information.

According to insiders, Apple is exploring the possibility of implementing Force Touch software for the iPhone. Initially support the new technology should receive standard applications of iOS 9: Weather, Maps, Safari, Calendar and others. In the future, should see an API for developers, so that in the future for many third-party applications with the Force Touch screens are not strangers.
Apple already uses Force Touch, which is able to differentiate light pressing and pressing firmly in their "smart" watches Apple Watch and trackpad MacBook. The design of the trackpad in particular sensors are provided - are recorded not only the fact of clicking, but also its strength. First, when the user feels completely reliable click. For the "click" meets module called Taptic Engine.
If after the first "click" to increase pressure on the trackpad, it clicks again - this is what Apple calls a «Force Touch» or «pressing firmly." This allows you to press with the support of the software to implement a number of convenient features. Similar technology is used in hours Apple Watch for setting dials, and, apparently, will appear in the next generation iPhone.
Such a possibility, according to the Apple, will bring the functionality of mobile devices electronics to a whole new level. Thanks to Force Touch display will have a new dimension.There are lots of problems in applications that perform will be easier and faster if you use a "deep-click".
According to unconfirmed reports, Apple is planning to withdraw because of the high cost of using Force Touch a more affordable smartphones the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6c, and this feature will be an exclusive feature of the top model iPhone 6s Plus. In addition to the company TPK, production of sensitive displays for iPhone will be engaged in another Chinese company - GIS.