Friday, April 3, 2015

The first buyers of Samsung Galaxy S6 edge complain about dead pixels and scratched screen

The first buyers flagship phone Samsung Galaxy S6 edge in the United States have reported an abundance of small scratches on the screen of the smartphone, dead pixels on the screen when displaying artifacts and information. Some buyers have returned the device back to the store.

"I ordered on Sunday Samsung Galaxy S6 edge with 128 GB Online T-Mobile. On Tuesday, he was brought to me. Turn on the device, I found a few dead pixels. In addition, direct sunlight is noticeable that the entire display is scratched. This is unacceptable for me to get in such a device, for which I paid nearly a thousand dollars" - said the author of the conversation on an Internet forum XDA Developers rhcpcjg.
The user to exchange the items in the other Galaxy S6 edge. However, he found himself in exactly the same condition - with beaten pixels and numerous scratches on the display. "In the end I returned this unit and took the money. I have decided that I will continue to use their iPhone 6 until Samsung can not solve the problem. I liked the Galaxy S6 edge, but Samsung is not quality control" - he said.
Buyer with the nickname jimmydigital00 said that faced with the same problem when buying a Galaxy S6 edge with 32 GB of memory, notes Knews . "Tiny scratches all over the screen.Already changed, but has not yet had time to check" - he wrote.
"Mine too covered in scratches - added user angelofmusic. - When I opened the box, I immediately noticed a rather large scratch on the screen. And when I looked closely, I discovered a lot of small scratches around the display".
"I have carefully examined a copy Galaxy S6 edge in direct sunlight. Then he lit his flash. But found nothing - said party talks martinezma99. - I'm sorry that someone got scratched copies".
Some users have reported problems and other nature - the appearance of artifacts on the screen, talking about the defects in electrical connection to a video matrix or in the video controller.
The operator T-Mobile began selling Samsung Galaxy S6 edge in the US last week. The cost model with 32 GB of on-board is $ 780, 64GB - $ 860, 128GB - $ 960.