Saturday, April 4, 2015

The former head of HP named Tim Cook hypocritical speeches against "antigay" laws

Former CEO of personal computer manufacturer Hewlett-Packard (HP) Carly Fiorina called Apple executive speeches against "antigay" laws in the US hypocritical. Cupertino-based company does business all over the world, even in countries where openly homosexual people oppress people, "but Tim Cook is, apparently, not so do not care" she said.

"If Tim Cook will be upset because of the attitude towards gays and women in all regions where there is Apple, it will have to close 90% of its business, including China and Saudi Arabia" - explained Fiorina.
Carly Fiorina is the former CEO and president of technology from HP. In late March, it announced that it would participate in the next presidential elections to be held in the US in November 2016. During a news ether Fiorina said that the chances that it will run, "very high - over 90 per cent".
March 30 Tim Cook spoke out against a series of discriminatory , in his opinion, the laws that are being considered in 28 states. He presented his opinion column for The Washington Post. First of all, it is a law that allows businesses to refuse service to homosexuals on the basis of their religious beliefs. This document intends to sign the governor of Indiana. A similar law is considered in Arkansas.
Apple CEO called on the government to veto this bill. "Apple is open to all. We are deeply disappointed by the new law in Indiana and urge the Government of Arkansas veto it" - he wrote in his microblog.
Just recently in the state legislatures did 85 laws anyway restricting homosexuals - in some cases we are talking about compulsory treatment. "These laws are introduced ostensibly to protect what we hold dear. But in fact they only sow injustice" - complained Cook.
Tim Cook, Apple's head of August 2011, in October 2014 made ​​coming out - publicly admitted that he is gay. "I am proud that I'm gay, and I consider it one of the greatest gifts from the Lord" - then wrote Cook in his column in Bloomberg.