Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The new IBM cloud service will allow Apple to transfer data from Apple Watch to doctors and insurers

IBM has partnered with Apple and largest manufacturers of medical devices. The aim of joint projects is to transmit data on the health of users Apple Watch doctors and insurers, as well as to develop a personalized treatment.

Users of the platform HealthKit, tracking heart rate, burn calories and cholesterol, will be able to upload information to the cloud Watson Health Cloud, access to which will be open to their doctors and insurance companies. Users will also be able to provide ResearchKit their data to researchers.
Senior vice president of IBM, John Kelly called the platform and HealthKit ResearchKit from Apple «truly unique," but noted that there is currently no systematic method for collecting and sending the data to doctors or researchers. "We provide a huge cloud and a secure database in support" - quoted by Gazeta Kelly.
Partnership, IBM and Apple is not exclusive, but argues that few companies can offer the iPhone maker the same level of data storage and security. In the development of IBM experts will use the supercomputer Watson.
In addition, IBM agreed to cooperate with companies such as Johnson & Johnson and Medtronic. It also reported that IBM has created a new division Watson Health.