Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Twitter has launched a new way of commenting messages when retweets

Microblogging service Twitter has launched a new way of retweets in which users get more space for your own comments. It is reported Tuesday Cnet.

About five years ago in the popular microblogging service there was a special button for citation records of friends, but some service users still prefer the old style of retweets. It is also not without its drawbacks - to keep within 140 characters, often have to reduce the quoted message. Twitter new feature combines the advantages of both methods.
Instead of verbatim citation, the new method inserts a user account is only a link to the original tweet, leaving space for your own comment. The original record, however, remains unchanged, and regardless of its length, to express their thoughts 116 characters available.Third-party users see a complete record in the form of cards, if it is attached an image or video.
A new feature is available to users of the Web version of Twitter and the official application for the iPhone. In the client for Android, such publications are displayed in the correct format, but the support of the function will appear only in future updates of the program.
Prior to this in Twitter use another scheme citing: original tweet text enclosed in quotation marks, and the user can append to it whatever he wants. But the longer the original recording, the less space left for comment.
The first tests of the new regime on Twitter citation conducted last summer.