Friday, April 3, 2015

Warranty AppleCare+ for Apple Watch will cost $ 999

Sources at Apple figured out the cost of an extended warranty on Apple Watch. According to MacRumors, warranty services for the most expensive model of smart watches Apple Watch Edition will cost $ 999.
Гарантия AppleCare+ для Apple Watch обойдется в $999

Apple offers buyers iPhone, iPad and Mac, you can extend the warranty of products from standard to 3 years. Such an extension is called AppleCare - a special contract, which extends the warranty to three years of computer and provides 90 days of free telephone support.
This service, however, does not apply to devices that have received mechanical or other damage. For example, if you drop your iPhone in water , then a special light show inside the body when exposed to water. In the service center Apple refuse to repair under warranty smartphone, referring to the sensor moisture - Moist devices are not covered by the program.
Apple offers users rid of this problem by presenting a special plan AppleCare +. AppleCare + fully covers "accidental damage" gadget. Even if you damage the unit with water, the company will repair for a small fee.
According to reports, extended warranty on the clock Apple Watch Sport in an aluminum casing will cost $ 59. The same service for the stainless steel version Apple Watch will cost $ 79. Guarantee Apple Watch Edition - the most expensive. AppleCare + for the modification cost of $ 15,990 will cost $ 999. Subscribe to an extended warranty can be within 60 days of purchase smart hours.