Friday, April 3, 2015

Force Touch in Apple Watch allows you to change the color of animated emoticons

The most personal device Apple and the newest addition to the "apple" of the ecosystem will be available on sale on April 24th. The company is positioning Apple Watch as ultra-precise watches, personal gadget for instant communication, as well as a brand new assistant for health and fitness. One of the most innovative developments in wearable devices is considered to display Force Touch, sensitive to the level of pressure.

Top model Christy Turlington from last year testing Apple Watch and describes his findings in a blog. She recently learned that using the Force Touch it can change the color of animated emoticons. If you press the screen with a little effort, the color "Emoji" will change from yellow to red.
In March, the developer Hamza Court published a series of "emoticons", created specifically for designers Apple Apple Watch. On the device, there are several dozen smileys, he showed two icons . Smilies are used for quick responses to messages: watches allow you to create a new message, or nothing at all to write, and send animated image.
First animated emoticons in their hours Apple revealed in September at the launch of Apple Watch. The event Spring Forward in March, the company did not mention this aspect of the device.
Technology Force Touch recognizes the difference between touch and touch and offers a new way to quickly move to the controls in applications Apple Watch. It is a touch screen mobile trends called the most innovative design. The unique technology is represented not only in watches but in laptops Apple. If her debut will develop successfully, it is likely to appear in the iPhone and iPad.