Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Xiaomi warns Mi A3 owners from Android update

Xiaomi Mi A3 firmware updates have repeatedly caused trouble for smartphone owners. Recently, the story of the “long-suffering” updates was continued: downloading the next build of Android 10, users faced serious problems in the operation of their devices.

Owners of Mi A3, who downloaded the latest OTA update version, were faced with the inability to make and receive calls. In addition, the “affected” devices changed the default interface language, and system messages about problems with mobile communications began to appear on the screen.

As it turned out, the company mistakenly launched the firmware version for the Mexican mobile operator Telcel via the official channel. Xiaomi has already recognized the problem and encouraged users from other regions to refrain from downloading and installing the update.

Representatives of the vendor said that they were working on fixing the error, and those owners of Mi A3, who still installed the update, for some time will be able to use only one SIM-card.