Saturday, September 27, 2014

3 things that iOS could borrow from Android

Virtual battle Android and iOS fans erupt each year. Proponents of Apple boast quick response and smooth scrolling, and Android fans meet endless possibilities smartphone setup. With one fact, however, agree and they both: both systems continue to improve.

Our colleagues from Popmech wonder if you have Android something that would be useful iOS?

Do not try to stick

One of the biggest differences between Android and iOS has always been the home screen.Apple clings to its traditional format in the form of a flat grid of icons, while Android provides users with literally a blank slate, opening a wide range of customization options in the form of different GUIs and widgets.
The good news is that Apple, finally, add widgets to iOS 8. The bad news is that they are not as useful as in Android. The fact that Apple has put all the information in the Notification Center, which looks not everyone. While widgets in Android - interactive interface elements - can be located anywhere on the screen of your smartphone.

Become more convenient

Apple for the first time makes it possible to configure and iOS at the system level, allowing, for example, to change the keyboard. Such personalization - the norm for Android. Moreover, users OSes from Google can choose which application should be standard for any task. For example, click on the link "Add task to calendar" in iOS 8 open staffing application. While Android is prompted to select which program to use and make it the default.
Add flexibility
Another convenience iOS 8 - the ability to exchange files between applications and view notifications without leaving the application. However, Apple still denied access to the root level of the firmware, and one can only hope that someday iOS will give application developers more control over the interface.
Google Play is still behind the App Store application on the number of epic, but Android can boast a range of settings and tools for flexible personalization and increase productivity. Office windows desktop widgets bar at the top of the screen, drawer settings, numerous labels. There is no doubt that iOS 8 - a huge breakthrough for Apple, but, obviously, Android "apple" OSes still have much to learn.
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