Monday, July 20, 2020

Design of the flagship Samsung Galaxy Note20 revealed by a reputable insider

Recently, a video demonstrating the work of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, which has not yet been officially presented, was found on the Internet. Now it is possible to evaluate from all sides the design of the usual Galaxy Note20. Images of the future flagship were published by the authoritative insider Evan Blass.

Insider: God of War will be released on PC this summer

There have been rumors on the net for a long time that Sony plans to review its policy regarding PlayStation exclusives and start releasing them on PC. However, after a very violent public reaction to the news about the release of Horizon Zero Dawn on the boyar platform, the company hastened to dispel them.

Active noise cancellation system for apartments

Summer heat is sometimes unbearable. You have to open windows to somehow lower the temperature. However, the constant noise in the street makes it difficult to concentrate and leads to irritation. The solution to the problem can be an active noise cancellation system, which allows you to enjoy the coolness in almost complete silence even with open windows.

World's first 3D printed e-bike unveiled

The electric bike is no longer surprising. There are versions with increased range, advanced characteristics, as well as real off-road monsters. Small startup Superstrata has unveiled a lightweight, carbon fiber 3D printed electric bike.

Scientists have found an easy way to purify water using aluminum

People in many densely populated, poor countries constantly struggle with access to clean drinking water. Standard disinfection methods are expensive and sometimes ineffective. Scientists have developed a new technology that allows using sunlight and a simple sheet of aluminum to clean even the most dirty and unfit for drinking liquid.