Saturday, September 27, 2014

Dance rhythm simulator Just Dance got to iOS and Android

Popular simulator dance Just Dance from Ubisoft's released for mobile devices. It should be noted that this is not a complete game and only companion app that lets you use your smartphone as a controller at runtime dance moves. The game itself runs on a computer, laptop or TV connected to the Internet. To do this, go to a special site and then run the application on a smartphone. 
Танцевальный ритм-симулятор Just Dance добрался до iOS и Android

Follow the movement shown on the screen, and the phone using the accelerometer will track your movement and return a result. It is interesting that at the same time in front of one screen can dance unlimited number of people, but each must have its own smartphone.
Just Dance Now available for free for iOS and Android, but the music library will be very limited, and before the beginning of each song will be shown commercial. To disable ads and get access to absolutely all tracks, you will get a VIP-access.