Sunday, September 21, 2014

Five Nights at Freddy's - turn off the light [review]

There are some genres that iOS contraindicated genetically. For example, fighting games, or (will argue, I know) shooters. They are on the tablet \ phone can not play it - just do not allow management to do so, as on consoles or computers. But there are some genres that are suitable for iOS is the best - and it is not a question of unicellular arcades; they were all clear.I'm talking about all kinds of horror movies - games that cause fear easier when the user interacts directly with the object. 
Five Nights at Freddy’s – выключи свет [обзор]

As with the phone - between you and the iPhone is no joysticks not? Well, that's - that's why horror movies on iOS priori look better than anywhere else. Perhaps that is why the developer (one man, by the way) Five Nights at Freddy's after the resounding success of the PC moved his game is on mobile - all screaming, not only to monitor but also in the subway, at work and at lunchtime.
Intonation in Five Nights at Freddy's simple: you're working as a watchman ordinary pizzeria.During the day you are having fun and eating kids to adults, and at night you sit quietly in his closet. There are, however, a nuance: Pizzeria provided with huge robotic beasts - they entertain the younger generation while working places, and in his off-hours trying to eat you.
How articulated animals managed to come to life - is not very clear. It is clear in this story only one thing: if you do not hold out all night, then the game is safely over, offering a fresh start.So, turn up our sleeves, reject fear and toys into battle.
The conditions are: you have to go through five nights. With twelve pm until five in the morning, a timer attached. Since you only guard, and not super-soldiers, the weapons and, in general, aggressive methods of struggle there is no - you just passively protect. To do this, there are two iron doors, which must be pre-close - if the monster blinked, and he broke into your komorku, that's all. Monitor the baby animals can be via a camera system - they proliferate throughout the pizzerias, so I tend to move the monsters do not go unnoticed.
However, there are cameras and problems. Firstly, the dark: you are guaranteed to be peering into the pitch the darkness, trying to make out the outlines of the fanged creatures. As a rule, at this moment in the monastery suddenly sneaks another creature and scare before losing momentum. Secondly, the camera often do not work - they cut off monsters. It is true that you can use as a marker: Yeah, just a ripple here, this manual bastard was here; need to keep an eye on. Third, all actions consume electricity, which ends with remarkable speed - and you remember, before the morning stand. Door, by the way, which is separated from the pizzeria employee furry canines, also guzzle energy with a big appetite.
Therefore, the approximate session in Five Nights at Freddy's is as follows: you frantically click on the camera, listen to the echoing footsteps finally find some deceptively cute bear and close the door on the left side. Long wait for the monster will go - but this time in the right bursts, for example, an anthropomorphic duck. After a brief lacrimal tantrums and procedures calm pulse, begin anew.

Scare here, by the way, imaginatively. The very fact that contemplation dark night, a huge bear evil - is expensive, but Five Nights at Freddy's pressure on the psyche, and in other ways. For example, animals emit sounds nasty - some even try to sing or talk to you heart to heart.Especially touching when suddenly talkative wolf separates you from one wall and a quarter of the remaining electricity.
Five Nights at Freddy's , of course, is able to scare up a light stuttering, but that her efforts end. The main problem - it is difficult to win it with their work. Almost all the successful duty will be determined by luck rather than your brilliant strategy reflection of animal attacks. If both sides simultaneously trample all monsters, then do nothing is no longer able to - just only pray.
On the other hand, the game has a high rate (one party is about five minutes) and very simple mechanics: so there is no reason to restart the level a couple of times. Especially that the sensations received from the game (especially when using headphones) can not be compared with any of the expensive horror, exit to the "big" platforms from the time OutLast.