Sunday, September 7, 2014

Members iPhone 5c does not plan to buy an iPhone 6

Next week, Apple will introduce a new generation of smartphones iPhone 6 with a large display. Their appearance on the market, many consumers are waiting for - more owners of the iPhone 5 and to a lesser - owners of iPhone 5c. This writes BGR, citing a study agency Survata.

Analysts surveyed, which was attended by 900 people and found that consumer interest towards the future "apple" flagship large. 36% of current iPhone users are ready to buy to replace your current iPhone unit 6 in a short time. In this case, the owners of iPhone 5c, expressed a desire to upgrade, was less likely. Only 15% of the owners of plastic phones Apple planning to buy an iPhone 6.
Analysts explain the situation as follows. In the past year, as you know, came in two models - the top-end iPhone 5s and more affordable - iPhone 5c. And in that situation, people have opted for a plastic version. Move to a new flagship 5c users do not see sense. The application developer Ocho Aarhus Richards, for example, explained the purchase because the phone is "more pleasant to the touch, lighter and seems less fragile than 5s». In addition, iPhone 5c, unlike the upcoming flagship, have bright colors.
According to research by Creative Strategies, share iPhone 5c for the time of its existence on the market did not go beyond the limits of 5% of the total smartphones sold Apple.
According to the firm, sales of "apple" communicators leading iPhone 5s. It accounts for a quarter of all phones sold Cupertino company. For the flagship model should be iPhone 4s, released in 2011. His presence in the top due to the fact that the unit is still represented in the range of Apple and is the most affordable smartphone. Followed by the iPhone 5 with the index 21-22%. Model of iPhone 4 also retains the position, accounting for 15% of sales of smartphones Apple.
Will there be a next-generation iPhone 5c, is not yet known, but the prerequisites for a bit.The company's flagship in the coming months at risk of losing its leading position since September 9 Apple presents two top iPhone 6.