Monday, September 29, 2014

Opinion: Apple's innovation is pulled forward the entire industry

Recently, a new holiday was Apple, new supergadzhety. But the main achievement of submitted were not the technology, although technological advances made, of course, duly impressed.

The main achievement of the browser Maxwell Beseliya of Harvard Business Review considers coordinated work, due to which Apple "make the world go to the new billing system". Apple Pay will be safer, easier, and it is likely more profitable for the entire payment industry, as more and more people give up cash. But the practical implementation of the system required that the entire ecosystem - retailers, consumers, companies, Credit card, banks - changed in unison. And combine them into a common effort is only capable of a company with great influence, and Apple is well suited for this role.
Many have written about the problems faced by corporations when deciding on innovation. But in some cases, the size still matters - in a good way.
Apple demonstrated that it assumes the role of "calling a meeting". This concept coined by the first chief technology officer of the American government Aneesh Chopra, who, along with his successor Todd Park brings together "incongruous" leaders, seeking mutually beneficial agreements and thereby contributing to innovation.
Tim Cook has shown, what are the advantages of a mature, large company, when taken for innovation. Apple «called for the meeting" in order to break the deadlock in the entire industry.And her call responded as quickly as at the time the call from the White House.
By itself, the electronic payment system is not new. Many years have passed since then, the team has intended to reform the industry PayPal payments and relieve customers from unnecessary fees, typing Automated Clearing. Square recently found it necessary to update this outdated system, because in today's world, almost everyone is in possession of "smart" devices. Google also is constantly improving its Google Wallet.
Nevertheless, we continue to carry a thick wallet and heavy with coin purses. Why? Then, that before we abandon the traditional money, mobile payment systems should appear on every corner. If we did not get rid of the purse, then you would not do something to change it? Of course, somewhere there is a Square, and you can stick a card in it. And send some other amount using PayPal. And you can pay using Google Wallet, if the promises of a nice bonus for the restoration of this application. But at the root of so nothing has changed.
Think about it: in the past year through the Square was held about $ 30 billion. During the same period, according to the Federal Reserve Bank, the Americans used 30 billion times credit cards and a further 50 billion times - debit. The average payment is $ 80-100. Only a very small percentage of all users in the country of money passes through the Square (and even then still need to use a plastic card).
On the other hand, as soon as Apple Pay become operational, the new system immediately connect terminals around the world, through which hundreds of billions of dollars. Major players from Walgreens to Walt Disney will take money with reliable technology Apple.Moreover on the same system will move millions of current supporters Square.
Of course, Apple offers us a system of high reliability, and just at the very moment when we realized the danger: our personal and financial information at any time can be stolen.Undoubtedly attractive and compatibility of the map with all the already available. Besides card has already been formed in the database Apple - convenient. But the best thing Apple sentence reduced to one word: scale.
Apple Pay is amazing, this revolutionary innovation, and her well be followed by others. For what made Apple, requires joint efforts of the entire industry. It took probably many months of diplomatic negotiations, skillful build confidence, skillfully-built threat for lagging: companies, accustomed to rest on its laurels, realized that the non-participation of them costly. We can think of the negotiations, which apparently took place with the owners of record companies before Apple launched iTunes. We can anticipate the negotiations that Tesla, probably will, to create an ecosystem of recharging stations for electric vehicles. Highest professionalism connects in one motion a new design, networking, and even the theory of games.