Thursday, September 25, 2014

Review of the game Beach Buggy Blitz: beware of giant crabs

Studio Vector Unit, apparently, can not stand the official newspaper, the rules and, most importantly - the asphalt surface. How else to explain that all their major projects entirely devoted to racing off-road driving but jumping over the waves, with somersaults and adrenaline over the edge? In the previous creation of this office, Riptide GP, the track ran through the water surface. In Beach Buggy Blitz situation is somewhat easier, but rest assured - no opostylevshih motorways will not be here at all. Only the warm tropical sun, burning sand and, of course, the roar of engines!
Обзор игры Beach Buggy Blitz: берегитесь гигантских крабов

How to play?

It takes place on the stereotypical tropical island: range of luxurious palm trees, beach, Aboriginal and excessively huge crabs (naturally, more cars!). Slice of paradise earth, wherever the best of times flocked tourist flows, was, apparently, the mecca of all motorists - there was a crowd wanting to experience his iron horse in the case. Among the crowd, of course, and your hero.
Обзор игры Beach Buggy Blitz: берегитесь гигантских крабов Обзор игры Beach Buggy Blitz: берегитесь гигантских крабов
The main feature of Beach Buggy Blitz - there is only one track. But do not frown and angry shout in the comments, "Fairy" - a line that is constantly changing. She's on the move going from dozens of different elements, as a result giving an interesting result - no one race is completely similar to the previous. For example, if you used to drive a couple of miles beneath the gloomy vaults of the caves, it will now be a long cross on the sandy shore. Or maybe - and then, and more. Remains unchanged and only the initial segment of, say, a common ideology: all the same sunny island natives, crabs and villages. Perhaps, over time, will want to change, but a desire to visit any time soon - check for yourself, as they say.
And all because the Beach Buggy Blitz competently built the basic mechanics. For obvious reasons, there is no classic racing circuit with opponents - the track is almost endless. More precisely, the traffic itself is, but he's no match - beating you over time.
Обзор игры Beach Buggy Blitz: берегитесь гигантских крабов Обзор игры Beach Buggy Blitz: берегитесь гигантских крабов
From the outset of arrival in the corner ticking timer: start a limit of 40 seconds over very soon, and the new second just settle only on the control points - 15 more each. After a couple of minutes after the starting whistle begins wild hassle: just have time to checkpoint, but would not crash, if only to counter showed zero.
Sooner or later you will - once so make a mistake, especially since here it is simple (all the same crabs, for example, often partition off the road). Then there Beach Buggy Blitz, gracefully stop the time right before saving beacon carefully calculates your results. The statistics comes amount collected coins and the distance covered. At first you can buy all sorts of bonuses and new car, the second - to brag to your friends and incite them to repeat your record.
Speaking of bonuses: bought "boosters" and other things do not go right in the trunk - they are evenly distributed along the road that you use wisely. Not to say that such a scheme is fair (bonuses is easy to miss), but introduces a certain turmoil - hvatanut accelerator just before the high springboard, and then shoot at record speeds up to save the checkpoint is expensive.
Обзор игры Beach Buggy Blitz: берегитесь гигантских крабов Обзор игры Beach Buggy Blitz: берегитесь гигантских крабов

How it looks?

Beach Buggy Blitz, of course, a very charming game, but technically, they say, and seen better. There is no any sverhdetalizirovannyh models or, say, incredible lighting. Normal picture for such a race, which - God forbid! - Does not claim the laurels of Real Racing or new Asphalt.
While that's inherited from Riptide GP splashing effect on the windshield is very beautiful. After a particularly dashing bend along the coast of your screen is covered by these drops and they will be for a long time to drain down. Lepota!

Results of

Beach Buggy Blitz, of course, is not no revolution in the genre, and not even the killer's flagship racing. It's catchy, very simple and at the same time, do not hesitate to challenge the arcade, whose main goal - to help you while away a few boring minutes. More of it does not need to require, especially since the game is free - domestic purchases, but they are strictly optional.
  • simple but extremely addictive gameplay;
  • a wide range of vehicles and drivers;
  • beautiful effects of splashing water.
  • track, though constantly updated, but its backbone is unchanged - with time still bothers.