Saturday, September 27, 2014

Using Google Glass driving increases the chance of getting into an accident

It is no secret that many people consider the use of "smart" glasses Google Glass while driving is much safer than the use of your smartphone, which is often the culprit of road accidents. Meanwhile, a team of specialists at the University of Central Florida has denied it is a delusion, your research with a group of volunteers who have a driver's license and a certain driving experience. 
Использование Google Glass за рулём увеличивает шанс попадания в аварию

40 people were divided into two groups. They were asked to test their driving skills on the car simulator, with half of the subjects were given smart phones, and the second half offered to put Google Glass. During the course of the test, scientists communicate with volunteers through these devices and evaluated the behavior of drivers on the virtual road.
During intercourse volunteers offered a variety of topics for discussion, including mathematical problem solving, requiring a relatively high concentration. As a result, scientists have done quite regular, but scientifically sound conclusion: no statistically significant difference between the use of Google Glass and smart phone behind the wheel of the car. Team members with Google Glass Color paid on the road 33% less attention than subjects with smartphones, with the owners of both devices often do not have time to react to an abrupt stop the vehicle in front and fell into a virtual accident. Interestingly, the owners of smartphones after advisories cleaned smartphone and continued to move much neater, observing a sufficient distance between cars.
Использование Google Glass за рулём увеличивает шанс попадания в аварию
Currently, in some countries the driver should not use the phone while driving not equipped with a device enabling to conduct hands-free use. With regard to Google Glass, this measure does not work, which caused an interesting precedent in the United States in January of this year. The city of San Diego police officer stopped the woman on the head during the movement which were glasses Google Glass, and wrote her a penalty for using them while driving. The woman appealed the decision in court and won the case: the judge ruled that because of the inability to accurately determine whether the device is turned on while driving, fined can not be considered fair. In spite of this, we urge you to be extremely careful while driving, and to abandon the use of any foreign objects behind the wheel.