Monday, December 15, 2014

Apple allowed to undress immigrants in the game about everyday life Immigration Service

Art-house simulator Papers Please, telling about the everyday life of the immigration officer and marked by numerous awards, is now available on the iPad without censorship, shows the description of a new version of the game in the App Store. Release update 1.0.7 under the symbol took place on Sunday.

Apple initially thought images of naked travelers in the "undress" scanner pornography, although such equipment is used for the screening of passengers in many real-world airports. In the first version, approved for release on the iPad, scanner shows the characters in lingerie.
Papers Please creator Lucas Pope said that he was easy to make changes to the game, as in the original version version of censorship is already provided. "In my opinion, a ban on naked heroes - not the worst thing that could happen - he added. - I'm supposed that difficulties will arise with some other points that are shown in the game". How Pope was able to negotiate with Apple, not reported. However, in the new version of Papers, Please appeared uncensored game mode.
Papers Please debuted on PC in 2013. The player plays the role of immigration inspector who is on the border of the fictional totalitarian state and decides who to let into the country, and who refuse entry. Papers Please received high marks in the press (its average score on is 85 out of 100), and won a number of prestigious awards, including the Prize of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.

Price iPad-version Papers, Please is $ 5,99.