Friday, December 19, 2014

Brushstroke graphics package became available and the application of the week in the App Store for free

Every week, Apple chose the best app in the App Store and makes it free. At this time, those in the online store designated project Brushstroke from Studio Code Organa. Brushstroke automatically turn photos into masterpieces of one of the many styles of painting. And this is no exaggeration.

As in any such graphics application, it is necessary to start or select a photo from your library, or capture an interesting motif on the camera iPhone. Then the magic begins.Application developers shallow idea of ​​standard image processing effects and instead use a unique system that makes photographs of paintings in various styles of painting.
Brushstroke can make an image in the Baroque style, abstractionism, classicism, and many others. In the appendix there are several dozen of various artistic effects to suit all tastes, including simulation of different types of paints with different types of paint. Choose a few.
The final version of the image can be further developed according to your taste, and after that - to put my name signature. Integration with the service enables CanvasPop order to create a masterpiece on canvas for home delivery. Just select the size of the canvas and frame, and the app will calculate the cost of painting. On average, on canvas 24 by 18 inches price at the picture varies around $ 70-100.
Thanks Brushstroke each user with minimal effort, can get a great result, almost comparable to an artist's brush.
Download Brushstroke can follow this link .