Thursday, April 9, 2015

7 most useful features of iOS 8.3

After a few beta builds for developers, as well as several public test release of iOS 8.3 , finally entered the final stage of readiness. Updates can be downloaded on all compatible devices, which include iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s, iPad all generations except the first, and iPod touch 5G.

iOS 8.3 increase overall productivity, brought a set of new features and fix more errors and problems. Consider the most useful from a practical point of view innovation platform.

1. 300 new emoticons

Range of emoticons Emoji keyboard added three hundred options. Insert a new mechanism provides the ability to use the icons representing the different shades of color. When the short-lived hold, you can choose an alternative variant of skin tone. Total suggested five possible colors.

2. Wi-Fi-calls

In iOS 8.3 extends support for Wi-Fi technology Calling . Integrating Wi-Fi Calling has become one of the most significant features of the eighth edition of the mobile platform Apple - function allows you to make and receive voice calls and send SMS if you have access to Wi-Fi. In the setting of iPhone, working in a number of network operators, there is a switch Wi-Fi Calling. The technology works only after the user specifies your home address (for emergencies). In the United States currently has two mobile service providers to offer Wi-Fi Calling - T-Mobile and Sprint. In the UK, the technology began to support the operator EE.

3. Support for two-factor authentication

Along with the OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 mobile "axis" has got the support of two-factor authentication. Prior to that, to configure Google Accounts with enhanced protection, the user must obtain a new password. In iOS 8.3 input method for simplified services - made possible authorization using SMS-messages or application Google Authenticator.

4. Spam Filter

In iOS 8.3 added filtering capabilities in Messages: Messages can be separated from unknown addresses from the main correspondence. Also , you can complain to the unwanted messages directly from the application.

5. CarPlay without wires

CarPlay, subsystem integration iPhone with the car now can operate wirelessly - to interface with the communicator Lightning-cable is no longer required. First iPhone can be connected to the car only via USB. Tim Cook said the car market with one of the highest priority for Apple. He is an equal part of the ecosystem, along with the app store. For people, it is important, according to the general director, "to have something in the car" and Apple is ready to make a unique value proposition to consumers, beating competitors in this field.

6. Calls using Siri on the speakerphone

By default, all calls to the iPhone plays an onboard speaker located above the screen of your smartphone. When the device is connected to a wireless or wired headset, the sound is transferred to it. During a call, press the "Speaker" - the sound will move to the main speaker. However, Siri in iOS 8.3 provides the possibility to automatically switch the sound to the speakerphone. And to do for this do not need anything, it is enough to say "Call" caller name "Hands-free".
7. Download free apps without a password
Apple has added a setting iOS 8.3 new option allowing you to download free games and apps from the App Store without password verification of account Apple ID. To make purchases from the App Store and iTunes users to enter a password or to put a finger on the fingerprint scanner Touch ID. If your device does not have a biometric sensor, the boot process applications fairly tedious. In iOS 8.3 have the opportunity to disable downloads mandatory confirmation code word in the case of free content - apps, music and books.Option becomes available when the device is turned off authorization using Touch ID. It is in the section «iTunes Store, App Store».
Among other things, the cell-connect switches appeared 2G / 3G / LTE. On the iPhone 6 Plus, expanded in landscape orientation, includes new text formatting options - italic and underlined; previously available only bold face. Mobile payments Apple Pay hooked Chinese system of UnionPay. Some built-in platform applications just renewed: this is true for Passbook (separation of data and Pay-through-tickets), "Message" (spam filtering) and "Photo" (the thumbnails for albums).