Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Adaptor for Memory Card iFlash prolong the life of iPod Classic

In the life of the user iPod Classic, sooner or later there may come a day when his plastic-metal one unexpectedly sad. No, it does not mean that the player will start playing spontaneously B.B.Kinga or Nora Jones. Everything is much more prosaic: the bootup what is called Sad iPod Icon.

This means that most likely internal drive iPod Classic ordered to live long, and the user needs to go to the nearest authorized service. In an ideal situation, even when there is a guarantee you, no questions asked replacement of the "sad" iPod for a new one. And what do the owners of older models, warranty which is already over? In such a situation the right way - to replace the hard disk to the memory card. The memory card is not only to "revive" the old iPod, but also significantly increase the battery life of the gadget, as power consumption at cards significantly less than a traditional hard drive.
The range of OWC appeared adapter iFlash, allowing use on the iPod Classic 5G cards, SDHC and SDXC. The maximum amount of storage units up to 128 GB. In this case, the player looks nothing changes. The advantages of the device with flash memory is available: less weight of the unit, lower power consumption, in addition the machine is not afraid to shock and shaking.
IFlash can be ordered on the website of the manufacturer . The cost is $ 49 adapter without a memory card and $ 99 with a card of 128 GB.