Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Apple added control Keynote presentations on Apple Watch

Apple has added the ability to control its own editor presentations Keynote Smart watches Apple Watch. A new feature is available with the latest software updates for iPhone and iPad.

With Keynote for "smart" watches Apple user can switch between slides in a presentation, see their total number, as well as keep track of time and presentation time elapsed since the last switch between slides.
At the same time another update for Keynote - especially on computers Mac - this feature is not present, and through Apple Watch can be monitored only on presentation of the iPhone and iPad.
It is noteworthy that the release of updates Keynote took place the next day after the release of PowerPoint for iOS to support Apple Watch. Microsoft has implemented support for "apple" in its program hours for presentations before Apple.
Last week, Microsoft has updated the application OneDrive to support Apple Watch. Now view recent photos, search for new images and display photo you can without taking your iPhone or iPad.
Corporation of Redmond recently an aggressive marketing policy in respect of its software to third-party platforms. Earlier it was announced that a number of its applications will be initially integrated in the operating system Cyanogen OS, and before that it was reported that a similar set of pre-installed software will receive flagship smartphone Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge.