Thursday, April 23, 2015

Apple has begun to prohibit the application mentioning Android and Windows Phone

In the App Store no longer accepted applications that contain references to other mobile platforms. This publication reports App3top citing informed iOS-developers.

App Store rules state: "Applications or metadata, wherein said any other platform will be rejected". However, there are indications that the development is removed or taken out of the fact that they do not, and advertising they contain references to other platforms. As an example, banner Dungeon Hunter, which contains links to Google Play and Windows Store.For this reason, the application in which it demonstrated excluded from the catalog of Apple.
Game advertising often place not even the developers themselves, and marketing network. In this situation, follow the link inside the advertising is difficult.
"If the ad network can not meet the new requirements of a particular platform or can not quickly adapt to them, the developers will have to delete or replace advertising to win approval for its project" - said Rob Weber, head of marketing company NativeX.
Developers, according to the source, often receive notification of refusal without a recommendation which ads should be placed and how to avoid the ban.
Experts recommend to create advertising that "sharpened" specifically for the devices Apple, that is, does not contain any mention at all-party platforms.