Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Apple sold a record number of Mac in the face of shrinking PC market

Apple sold a record number of Mac computers in the first quarter of 2015, shows a report of research company IDC. According to analysts, the sale of "apple" computers proved again to be above average for the industry.

According to experts, in the period from January to March 2015 Apple sold worldwide 4450000 Mac, which corresponds to a market share of approximately 6.5%. The company did not have a few hundred thousand computers sold to enter the top five PC manufacturers.In the first quarter of the top 5 vendors closed the Taiwanese company ASUS, put on the global market of 4.8 million computers, or 7% of the total.
Mac sales volume in January-March 2015 by almost 8% ahead of the previous year: in I quarter of 2014 the company sold 4.13 million Mac. At the same time in China and Western Europe, sales of computers on OS X have increased much more than in Japan and the United States, where the performance is almost not changed. It is expected that in their native US market Apple has made only 2 per cent growth, while competitors HP and Lenovo have improved performance in the US by 10% and 9%.
Apple shows better sales dynamics than the PC market as a whole. In IDC previously reported that at the end of last quarter it was recorded almost 7 percent decline in deliveries compared with the same period last year. As a result, the volume of global PC industry has reached the minimum value over the past six years, at least 69 million.
Only three of the top five PC manufacturers have completed the previous quarter with an increase in shipments: from Lenovo increase was 3.4%, from HP - 3,3%, while the ASUS - 4,4%. Dell and Acer have been marked regression - supplies fell by 6.3 and 7%, respectively.
Meanwhile, the current IDC is not the most optimistic. For example, an analyst at Cantor Fitzgerald Brian White said that Apple sold 4.7 million computers, improve the results of a year ago to 13%.