Saturday, April 18, 2015

Apple told how to distinguish between original and counterfeiting Lightning-cable

Given the huge amount of counterfeit accessories Apple, working with the iPhone and iPad only partially and often break, method of determining the firm is very important. On our support website of the company there was an official guide , talks about how to distinguish between original cable Lightning against counterfeiting.

Official cable online Apple store costs $ 30, but in the shops located in a completely different side of the world, there is something very similar to what we need, but it has five times lower price. We are talking about informal Cord for iPhone and iPad, which are issued by manufacturers for their original products. Using such accessories can result in damage to electronic components of mobile devices or rapid failure of the product. Distinguish a fake is not always easy, but it is quite a force to any user.

Packaging and text on the cable

If you got cable in the package, you should start learning from it. The original box is made of cardboard with quality printing. At the bottom there is a sticker with the performance enhancement and batch number. At the top of the glued plastic hanger with which a box in the store hanging in the window.
Each cable from Apple, in turn, has a serial number and the inscription «Designed by Apple in California, Assembled in China» ("Designed by Apple in California, assembled in China"). Of course, the Chinese are also accompanied by a copy of the inscription and a serial number, except that they look different. The text of the original cable is gray and stamped more efficiently. Font for forgery fatter, applied dark gray paint. It is worth noting that some proprietary cables Lightning no indication marking cable.


Further should be paid to the components of the accessory, at each of which has features, which can distinguish a counterfeit. The original Lightning-connector piece - made of a single metal element. We forgery connector consists of several parts. Ferrule original very carefully pressed into a plastic casing, while the copy is noticeable gaps. Size proprietary connector - 7,7 x 12 mm, copies have it can vary.
Further contacts should be explored. On certified cables are smooth and almost do not stand out above the surface of the connector border contacts have a circular shape. Himself metal contact painted gray, forgery are light and dark.


On the plastic casing USB-plug applied emblem USB. On the original cable paint has a light gray color, applied very carefully. Copies of the same image on a dark gray and has fuzzy boundaries.
The connector itself is also quite remarkable. The outer part of the original cable has only two holes on the side with the logo USB. Tampering may comprise four. It is worth paying attention to the metal joints on the opposite side of the connector. They can be seen, but in the original part of the cable is very tightly adjacent to each other. Furthermore, the joints have a trapezoidal shape and are at the same distance from the edges. Gold-plated contacts themselves.
May issue a fake cover plug. Ferrule original cable has a smooth polished, informal - a rough surface. If you look inside the connector, you can see a flat back. At copies can be slots or openings.