Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Apple Watch plans to buy one of ten teen in the US

On April 24, go on sale presented last fall "smart" watch Apple Watch. And they intend to buy one in ten American teenager, according to a study Piper Jaffray.

According to analysts, among 6,200 respondents 11% of teenagers have announced their intention to buy Apple Watch after they go on sale. According to the authors, smart watches find recognition among young audiences, given the popularity of iPhone. Promotion of new products with the help of stars will also play a role in attracting young people.
At Piper Jaffray noted that the number of respondents who expressed a desire to buy Apple Watch, in April decreased compared with the results of the autumn survey. Then 16% of teenagers talking about buying a wearable computer Apple. Currently only 5% of respondents are "smart" watches.
Despite the low popularity among young smart watches, iPhone and iPad are they in great demand. In 66% of respondents have a smartphone Apple (in the autumn survey result was 67%), and 64% owned by "apple" tablet (against 66% last fall).
Piper Jaffray researchers are not the only one who has recently conducted a survey about buying Apple Watch. In February, a similar study was conducted by a division of Adobe Digital Index company Adobe Systems. In a study of Adobe 27% of respondents said they "probably" or "very likely" to buy a wearable device, and 67% of them - that buy wearable computer device Apple, that is, Apple Watch. Thus, 18% indicated their interest in acquiring the gadget Apple.
Adobe Digital Index analyst Tamara Gaffney said that the results higher than she expected. She herself says that in the first six months, the presence of the device on the shelves it will buy 10-12% of the owners of "apple" smartphone.