Friday, April 17, 2015

Atmospheric platformer Pursuit of Light became the game of the week and is available in the App Store for free

Every week, Apple chose the best app in the App Store and makes it free for a week. At this time, the game became a free Pursuit of Light studio from the company Zhipen Wang.Fascinating platformer dip player in the mystery of the world dreams of a little girl.
Pursuit of Light-3

Pursuit of Light continues the best traditions of the genre and adventure will love the players have to appreciate such hits as Dreamfall Chapters and Life is Strange.
Quest offers a plunge into the mysterious world of children's dreams. Wandering through it, so easy to lose all sense of reality ... That young heroine of this game has lost the light and now can not leave the boundaries of dreams. Gamers need to go the hard way in the pursuit of the light of truth, to find a way out of the vicious circle of infinite space dreams, full of dangers and lay in wait at every turn nightmares.
Pursuit of Light-1
On the way will encounter traps and hidden dangers. Player, driving character, to avoid all obstacles and reach the end.
Pursuit of Light will be free for a limited time. Download game, you can follow this link .