Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Booking.com launches an application for instant bookings via Apple Watch

Appendix Booking Now, developed by major market players online booking Booking.com, became available for owners of Apple Watch. Booking Now allows one-touch book accommodation facilities provided on the site directly from the screen smart watches. The number of available options exceeds 625 000 facilities located in more than 75,000 around the world. Thanks to Force Touch spontaneous travelers can find and book hotel nearest suitable one simple gesture.

With Apple Watch travelers will also be able to manage the main sections of your booking. Users hours available functions that allow you to save your favorite accommodation options and generate incremental route from the current point to the selected accommodations. The application saves all the necessary information about the object placement, including the number of rooms or apartments for your stay. In addition, users will appreciate the hotels where they stayed.
"Booking.com is committed to search and book the best travel accommodation facilities quick and easy, no matter which device users prefer. Development Booking Now for Apple Watch - this is another step on the path to innovation. The integration of advanced technologies allows us to upgrade the booking process and make it as simple as possible for our users" - said the chief designer Stuart Booking.com Frisbee.
Booking Now app for Apple Watch is designed for the spontaneous traveler, whose number is constantly growing, the company noted. Update translated into 15 languages, is now available for download in the App Store .