Thursday, April 9, 2015

For watching videos on YouTube without advertising will have to pay

Google plans to introduce on YouTube paid subscription, which will relieve the user from advertising when watching movies. This was reported Bloomberg referring to the letter that the Internet giant has sent video producers.

Possibility of free viewing of videos on YouTube while fully preserving. The monthly subscription fee of $ 10. Subscription not only saves the user from advertising, but will keep the rollers on the smartphone and tablet for offline viewing.
The service will also allow authors videos allow access to view his works only to owners paid accounts. Google video hosting partners sent a letter stating that the service will provide owners of popular YouTube-channel additional source of income.
"Launch a new pay offer, we will add another source of revenue that will complement your fast-growing advertising services" - said the creators of video Google.
It also assumes that YouTube will continue to pick up 45% of revenue from advertising videos shown before, but the creators of the channel will be able to get extra money if their video owner looked premium account. The more time a viewer channel will, the greater will this sum.
According to reports, the paid service on YouTube will work until the end of 2015.