Wednesday, April 22, 2015

In maps on iOS 9 will public transport routes

Apple is actively developing its mapping service since its launch in 2012. However, though gradually improving, it is still far from ideal. It is learned that the company plans to expand the capabilities of branded cards in the operating system iOS 9. In particular, we plan to add the possibility of laying routes of walking, cycling, public transport, car or on the subway. The corresponding job is published on the website.

Apple is looking for a few specialists in the team responsible for the development of a map service. The employee will work "on one of the most anticipated features Apple Maps".
It is expected that Apple's iOS maps 9 when calculating the route will involve several modes of transport if it will reduce the time on the road. For example, the program will show the route that includes the passage of two stations on the subway a few stops on the bus and commuter train. In addition, Apple will map to show where there are cafes, shops and individual departments and ATMs - in the case of shopping centers, as well as the gate - in the case of airports.
According to rumors, Apple Maps app can enter the tool to explore the area, based on augmented reality technology. On the screen of the iPhone and iPad will display an image from the camera, which, in turn, will be superimposed information about the objects in the field of view of the lens. Implementation of improvements mapping program will be carried out at the expense of several startups, Apple bought - BroadMap , HopStop and others.
Three years ago, Apple declined from Google Maps in iOS and replace them with its own design, which has received very mixed reviews. The way of public transport in the annex were never marked. Among the advantages of branded cards Apple - 3D-view mode panoramas Flyover. However, this feature is far from being a hundred percent.
Apple in iOS 9 will add cartography to win the hearts of users, largely depends on the quality of data and application features. The emergence of the new features in Apple Maps is expected in June of this year.