Wednesday, April 15, 2015

iPad Pope Francis sold at auction for $ 30,000

At a charity auction in Uruguay iPad, which was used by Pope Francis, was sold for 30,500 dollars. This was reported on Wednesday BBC.

The pontiff himself gave his tablet computer Uruguayan priest Gonzolo Aemiliusu with the wish to put this gift to good causes. Your hardware came with a certificate of authenticity signed by the Pope's personal secretary.
Charity auction was held in Montevideo, and the highest bid made by telephone bidder who wished to remain anonymous. It is reported that the proceeds from the sales of the iPad will give the money to the school 370 kilometers from Montevideo.
Pope Francis previously put your iPad Uruguayan priest, saying: "You can make this something good". That, in turn, gave "apple" gadget school, whose leadership has tried to sell it at a major auction Christie's or Sotheby's. Negotiations with the auction houses have been unsuccessful, resulting decided to sell the iPad in Montevideo.